We take great pride in offering our patients comprehensive medical and dental services.

Adolescent Care
In addition to DCHC’s standard medical care services, adolescent patients can opt to receive family planning counseling, nutritional counseling, as well as substance and mental health counseling. School and sports physicals are also available. DCHC is a referral source for several school-based health centers, and conducts health screenings at youth events throughout the year. DCHC staff is also equipped to present health information and DCHC service information on-site to local middle and high schools.

Adult Medicine
DCHC’s expansive adult services combines cutting-edge preventative medicine with comprehensive disease treatment and management. The medical team at DCHC routinely treats adults who suffer from asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cardiovascular disease but is also equipped to treat infectious diseases such as hepatitis, venereal diseases, and TB. The highly trained and experienced social workers offer assistance for adults living with depression, mental illness and drug-addiction. All DCHC care providers approach each patient as a care partner, offering respect and understanding along with quality treatment.

Ancillary Services
In addition to essential health services, DCHC also provides various health screenings, counseling in an array of subjects and specialty areas, x-ray services, lab services and referrals, and access to educational information. DCHC provides translation services, as needed, to patients speaking various languages, and offers transportation vouchers in special circumstances.

Emergency Services
A 24-hour answering service is available to all DCHC patients in case of urgent care needs. If emergency room treatment is needed, as determined by the on-call physician, DCHC physicians perform complete patient care follow-up services at its health centers.

Family Planning
DCHC provides free counseling and contraceptives to adult men and women seeking reproductive health services. Gynecological screening, infertility services, and educational and referral information on a broad range of reproductive health matters is also available.

Geriatric Medicine
The DCHC geriatric team gives preventative counseling a high priority, with quality care for the aging including diagnosis and treatment of illnesses including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis, coronary heart disease, influenza and pneumonia. The exceptional and compassionate staff ensures continuity of care within DCHC and with outside agencies as needed.

The DCHC HIV/AIDS team provides comprehensive primary care services to patients that include confidential screening, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Nutritional counseling, provision of prophylactics, and treatment intervention for opportunistic infection and other complications are also provided. Accesses to various clinical trials are available, on-site. The HIV/AIDS program is guided, in part, by the advice of the DCHC HIV/AIDS Community Advisory Board, which includes DCHC clients.

OB/GYN Services
The DCHC Obstetrics and Gynecological staff provides primary care and delivery services in addition to prenatal and nutritional counseling. Risk assessment, exams, a full range of tests and screenings, culposcopy and other gynecological procedures are provided on-site. OB/GYN nurse midwives are highly trained and available to deliver competent, sensitive care. Medical referrals are also available.

Pediatric Care
Comprehensive pediatric care includes early periodic screenings, diagnosis and treatment, well-child visits, anemia screening, WIC enrollment, and hypertension treatment. DCHC actively addresses personal growth enhancement and development through its pediatric program. DCHC is also dedicated to increasing the number of children immunized in Detroit by providing free childhood immunizations.

Perinatal Care
Perinatal services at DCHC include risk assessment, educational programs, enrollment and administration of the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) nutritional program, and postpartum care. The Perinatal Care Program utilizes treatment resources with DCHC, as well as from other support agencies so that expectant mothers receive the best possible care for themselves and their newborns.

So that DCHC patients are able to follow their doctor’s orders with ease, an on-site pharmacy offering discounted prescriptions is available. This service, provided in partnership with The City of Detroit Pharmacy, allows patients to receive medications from the same facility they receive medical care. Convenient, and affordable.

Urgent Care
DCHC Health Centers are designed to deliver urgent care services after regular business hours, when necessary. Since DCHC facilities are equipped with these valuable resources, center hours will soon be extended to include Saturday and Sunday evenings, as well as extended hours during the week.

General Dentistry

Oral Exam
A comprehensive oral exam is an extensive evaluation and the recording of all extraoral, intraoral and soft tissues of the mouth. A comprehensive exam lays the foundation for the “routine (periodic) oral exam” and is much more than just a cleaning. The mouth is really a window into the body.  Medical conditions may be discovered by a comprehensive dental exam before symptoms show up elsewhere in the body.

Dental X-ray examinations provide valuable information that helps your dentist evaluate your oral health. With the help of radiographs (the term for pictures taken with X-rays), your dentist can look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. If you have questions about your dental X-ray exam, talk with your dentist.

Teeth Cleaning
A clean, healthy mouth starts with clean, healthy teeth. Regular cleanings help remove plaque and tartar build-up and prevent you from getting periodontal diseases.

Restoration of lost tooth structure with metal, porcelain or resin materials. We are proud that we use only the latest technologies for fillings. Your smile can remain unflawed if you should need a filling. Let us take care of your cavities with our expert filling processes.

Dental crowns and bridges are very popular among people of all ages, of either sex, and regardless of ethnic diversity. These are mostly cosmetic forms of treatment, covering unsightly teeth or replacing missing teeth.

Bridges resemble natural teeth, and are designed to take the place of areas where there are missing teeth. A bridge is a stationary dental prosthesis (appliance) fixed to teeth adjacent to a space. It replaces one or more missing teeth, cemented or bonded, to supporting teeth or implants adjacent to the space.

Dental Emergencies
Any injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.  Call your local DCHC dental health center for an appointment today.