Let YOU top the list for 2017

by Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO

Every New Year, we reevaluate what we did didn’t do the previous year and make a list of what we want to do for the incoming year. Interestingly, most goals center on personal performance and enhancements—eat better; be better, do better. But, a few months into the year, “WE” fall […]

Better Health is a Habit

by Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO

Conversations and social media are heavy with conversation about wanting better health—giving up sweets, losing weight, and avoiding or getting rid of illnesses. Those things may seem daunting, but they are achievable with the simplicity of changing what we do and how we do it. Good health is a habit.

Avoiding […]

May is for Mental Health

by Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO
The Month of May is Mental Health Month, designed to increase awareness about the importance of good mental health. While most people think about mental health as it relates to the challenges and illnesses that compromise mental health, there are two sides to this issue.
Mental issues run the gamut of […]

From The Heart

by Wayne W. Bradley, President/ CEO

On Friday, February 5th, Detroit Community Health Connection will join thousands around the country and “Wear Red” to bring attention to heart health for women. Our employees will join in and don their red attire, and share in the camaraderie of commitment to raising awareness for the number one killer […]

‘Tis the Season …for you, too!

By Wayne W. Bradley, Sr.

Let the hustle and bustle begin. But, before you begin to participate and suffer undue physical or economic stress as a result, hear this: take care of yourself…first.

While giving is the theme of the holidays, and giving to others is not a bad thing you can’t take yourself out of the […]

“The Sugar” Ain’t Sweet

Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO

We have all heard or remember hearing someone referring to themselves or others as having “The Sugar.” It’s a cultural reference to diabetes, which is when the body no longer properly or adequately process sugar and is prevalent in the African-American community. The implications of this disease are generations old, with […]