Celebrating Dr. John B. Waller, Jr.

By Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO


Black History Month is a time, for some, to learn about the important and life changing contributions of African-Americans; for others, it is a time to remember.

As we celebrate our 30th year of serving the community, I thought it only befitting that we acknowledge our founder, Dr. John B. Waller, Jr.

An accomplished and highly-celebrated public health officer, scholar, and Vice President of Community Medicine at WSU School of Medicine, Dr. Waller never lost touch with his commitment to community health. He not only was the first to recognize interpersonal violence as a health crisis rather than a societal ill intrinsic to the poor, but he also realized the disparities in healthcare and was committed to bridging that gap.

As a result, Dr. Waller was a founding member of what is now Detroit Community Health Connection, one of several FQHC’s (Federally Qualified Health Centers) in the Detroit area dedicated to serving the entire community.

Dr. Waller believed and worked to ensure that everyone, regardless of the socioeconomic circumstances or ability to pay, should be entitled to and received quality healthcare.

Today, we are honored to continue his mission of making and keeping our communities healthy and celebrate his vision for a better and healthier society.


This is provided as informational only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please visit your medical practitioner for all matters related to health, wellness and relative practices. For more information, visit www.dchcquality.org or call (313) 821-2591 for the DCHC Health Center near you.