Mr Wayne W Bradleyby Wayne W. Bradley, Sr. President/CEO

Conversations and social media are heavy with conversation about wanting better health—giving up sweets, losing weight, and avoiding or getting rid of illnesses. Those things may seem daunting, but they are achievable with the simplicity of changing what we do and how we do it. Good health is a habit.

Avoiding unhealthy food choices, choosing to walk or workout regularly, and making (and keeping) regular check-ups are the bases of better heath. The great thing is that once you start doing them, they become a part of your regular routine.

Grocery shopping should be planned. A convenient day or days of the week should be selected; a shopping list made, which keeps from picking up and buying unnecessary and unhealthy items. It also allows the creation of a menu and planned meals, allowing healthier choices and creative menu items.

With warmer weather here, now is the time to take advantage of the growing options and availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to create a healthy diet and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise should be scheduled, just like a hair or nail appointment. Ask your doctor or search the Internet for resources, nutritional and exercise counsel to help create healthier food and activity menus; incorporate that with a more active overall lifestyle—walking or biking, even to the store if possible. These practices become habit, and then are a natural extension of your better well-being.

Better decisions begin with better choices. And, now more than ever, it is easier for each of us to take our health and the health of our families into our own hands, and get into the habit of better health. It’s your decision. Choose wisely.

This is provided as informational only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please visit your medical practitioner for all matters related to health, wellness and relative practices. For more information, visit or call (313) 821-2591 for the DCHC Health Center near you.