Mr Wayne W Bradleyby Wayne W. Bradley, President/ CEO

On Friday, February 5th, Detroit Community Health Connection will join thousands around the country and “Wear Red” to bring attention to heart health for women. Our employees will join in and don their red attire, and share in the camaraderie of commitment to raising awareness for the number one killer of women, heart disease.

While our participation in this national day is admirable, our commitment to healthy heart awareness is on-going. We realize that one day is hardly enough, but it is a start. Heart disease and stroke cause 1 in 3 deaths among women each year – more than all cancers combined. Although the traditional risk factors for coronary artery disease, or heart disease— such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity — affect women and men, it does play a bigger role in the development of heart disease in women.

We know that the right information, education and care, heart disease in women can be treated and prevented.  A change in lifestyle is also a major factor in preventing disease, including this one. They include: not smoking, managing your blood sugar; maintaining a healthy blood pressure; lower your cholesterol; know your family history; exercise and stay active; lose weight; eat healthy, and manage stress.

Regular doctor visits are also important, so that otherwise contributing factors can be managed and undetected symptoms can be identified and managed to prevent bigger health problems. This is the mantra we share regularly in every possible manner, as prevention and intervention are crucial to good health.

At DCHC, we are proud to participate in Wear Red for Women Day, as well as the collective efforts to help our community realize and maintain a healthy lifestyle and life! And, I mean that from the heart!

This is provided as informational only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please visit your medical practitioner for all matters related to health, wellness and relative practices. For more information, visit or call (313) 821-2591 for the DCHC Health Center near you!