Mr Wayne W BradleyWayne W. Bradley, Sr.

Cancer Control and Stress Awareness Month was formally acknowledged last month, but should be discussed on a regular basis. The combining of these two challenges is probably not by coincidence as stress is a known contributing factor to many health issues. But, let’s first look at them separately.

Have a conversation with any person close to or beyond middle-age, and they will tell you that they have never seen so many cases of cancer in their life. The discussion goes on to question what contributing factors there are to so many seemingly high numbers of cases of cancer. Undoubtedly, environmental factors are a key. We live in a society where things that have seemingly made our lives easier have also made them unhealthier. Factories, personal technologies, chemicals in beauty products, and preservatives in foods are all things that have been called into question relative to their contribution to illnesses.

Medical professionals cite things such as a balanced diet and exercise, limited alcohol consumption and exposure to harsh environments as well as regular doctor check-ups and testing as ways to minimize our risk of cancer. Then, there is the minimization of stress and that which leads to early detection.

It is no secret that our mental state is directly reflected in our appearance and health. When we are happy inside, we smile and take care of ourselves, and it is evident in our good health. However, when we become stressed—as we all do—as a result of even daily things and life’s normal occurrences, the toll is evident in and on our bodies.

This also indicates that these two factors may be connected, and warrant closer examination and consideration. Regardless, taking better care of ourselves and our lives are undeniably steps to better health.

Remember to talk to your doctor about risk factors and things you can do to take control of your health and well being, physically and mentally. And, if you don’t have a regular doctor or medical professional, give us a call.

This is provided as informational only, and is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please visit your medical practitioner for all matters related to health, wellness and relative practices. For more information, visit or call (313) 821-2591 for the DCHC Health Center near you!